Blood Sugar – How To Treat Blood Sugar


Millions of people around the globe including medical personnel know very little or nothing about blood sugar. when most people hear the word, they misinterpret it. To mean too much sugar in the blood or urine, this is an ancient theory about this disease that is not factual and reliable enough to tackle the disease in this modern dispensation.

The actual word for the disease is blood bacteria, and it simply means bacteria in the blood. His species of blood bacteria are very powerful and anti-biotic resistant. They travel around the human body through the bloodstream, and you get affected mostly in the human body where these bacteria are fully based.

For instance, there are people with a serious case of blood sugar, that is not urinating enough frequently. It’s simply because the bacteria are not based in their body controlling urine.

This is why symptoms vary in people with a case of blood sugar/bacteria diseases. This is among the diseases in the body that has no permanent cure. If anybody tells you he/she has a permanent cure such a person is a noisemaker. Or that person is sincerely ignorant of blood sugar symptoms in the human body.

One of the only reliable ways or means to manage it is herbal medicine, and it must be herbal medicine with the potential to purify the blood and reduce the bacteria to the minimum range.

Take note: failure to properly control this disease can make you lose or cause damage to your eyes, manhood, or any part of the body. It can cause damage to some vital sensitive organs in your body if ignored.

Blood Sugar

When it comes to blood sugar many people are getting g it wrong, wasting their time and resources on this issue without a solution. Simply because of their lack of knowledge of the symptoms of this disease. One thing in life if there is no way you can overcome what you don’t understand.

The major problem of people is not the disease, people’s greatest problem is that they ate ignorant of the symptoms of the disease. (Blood bacteria). What a man does not know is far greater than him.

Many people are busy doing nothing ignorantly treating the disease instead of the disease. There is so much untold truth about blood sugar disease that needs to be told. After proper diagnosis, focus on the source, not the symptoms. While treating the source the symptom would gradually disappear.

For instance, if a patient with the disease is diagnosed with typhoid malaria, fever high blood pressure, and insomnia (inability to sleep). What you have to do, in this case, is to focus on the disease and treat the disease.

If you have effective medicine for blood sugar, as you are treating the blood sugar typhoid malaria, fever high blood pressure, and insomnia sickness would gradually and automatically disappear because they are the main symptoms of the disease.

Blood sugar disease has so many systems that symptoms and these symptoms vary in the human body. For instance, Mr A and Mr B can be having the same case of the disease but different symptoms in them.

The symptoms in Mr A could be always sleeping anywhere, anyhow, anytime, and frequently urinating (diabetes), now while the symptoms of the same disease in Mr B, could be insomnia and boil/rashes in his private part. The symptoms vary but are of the same cure.

Symptoms of Blood Sugar

Below are some of the Symptoms you need to know about:

  • Weak erection, quick ejaculation, or importance are major symptoms of blood sugar.
  • Blurred vision or most eye-related cases are not diseases, but symptoms of most diseases in the human body including blood sugar.
  • Body odour, mouth odour, and even vagina odour are symptoms of blood sugar.
  • Diabetes is a symptom of blood sugar.
  • Frequent body weakness/tiredness, at night and also finding it hard to get up from bed every morning.
  • Frequent yawn/thirst.
  • Frequent high blood pressure cases/ sleepless nights (insomnia).
  • Painful sore between fingers either on the hand or feet.
  • Change in skin colour.
  • Moving sensation around the body.
  • Itching in your sex organ, during and immediately after sex.
  • Severe heat all over the body, it seems like your body is no fire.
  • Rashes around some parts of the body, or boils especially under the armpit and private parts.
  • Foot/ankle swelling.
  • Rough/dry, itchy skin.
  • Foamy urine.
  • In most cases, kidney failure/bladder stones are symptoms of long-term blood sugar in the system. And in such a case the fastest way to get them treated is by treating blood sugar.
  • Moving sensation around the body.
  • Burnt sensation under the breast/around the thigh in private that makes you feel as if there is a sore in those areas.
  • Delayed sore/wounds, even skin cancer that is not responding to treatment are symptoms of blood sugar.
  • Pain and stiffness in the hand, make it hard for you to fold or close your hand and hold an object firmly.
  • Waist pain though is on rare occasions, and it’s when the blood sugar has stayed too long in the body, is uncontrolled, and affected the kidney and bladder.

Those are some of the symptoms of blood sugar you have to be aware of.

How To Treat Blood Sugar

  • Lemongrass, scent leaves & ujiro boil a collection of those three herbs above together, drink a cup after eating, you are the one to decide the quantity to drink at once.
  • Boil the collection of tender mango leaves, and drink the quantity you can afford after a meal.
  • Boil a collection of hibiscus flowers, and drink it after the meal.
  • Pound the collection of these herbs (Sakpro leaves) soak it with lime orange liquid juice for 24 hours, and then filter out the liquid, into a container. Drink it also after a meal with a glass cup of this seize morning and night.

Side Effects of Blood Sugar 

The side effect of the above treatment of the disease is that they trigger ulcers. So don’t drink any of them without eating moreover you can also drink them with any anti-ulcer medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens if Your Blood Sugar is High?

Very high blood sugar can cause life-threatening complications, such as diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) – a condition caused by the body needing to break down fat as a source of energy, which can lead to diabetic coma.

What Should my Blood Sugar be When I Wake up?

You just must make sure you keep your glucose levels in the range between 70 and 130 mg/dL in the morning before eating your breakfast and then some other times, it should be between 70 and 180 mg/dL.

What is Dangerously Low Blood Sugar?

Want to know what is dangerously low blood sugar? Well, I will inform you about it. Blood Sugar below the range of 55mg/dL is severely low.

What Drink Lowers Blood Sugar?

Barley or jau water is high in insoluble fibre, which makes it good for diabetics. And it is recommended for diabetics as it helps to make sure your glucose level is stable.

What is the reason for High Blood Sugar?

Losing sleep – even just one night of too little sleep can make your body use insulin less well. Skipping breakfast -going without that morning meal might increase blood sugar after both lunch and dinner.

Does High Blood Sugar Make you sleepy?

Well, fatigue is one of the most well-known common symptoms of high blood sugar. In people with diabetes, it is referred to as diabetes fatigue. Lots of people with the condition feel tired all the time regardless of how well they might be sleeping, how healthy they are eating, and lastly how much they exercise.

What Time of Day is Blood Sugar Highest?

The dawn phenomenon is an early-morning rise in blood sugar, also known as blood glucose in people with diabetes. Well, it usually happens between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m.

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